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“Donald Trump is the literal opposite of Fred Rogers.”

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I posted that earlier to my facebook feed, and I’ll be honest…  When I did it I was kind of hoping it would encourage my friend who studied the life of Fred Rogers extensively to chime in because I knew he would have something pertinent to say.  I was not wrong.  


“Fred Rogers had such a huge problem with both Regan (who he programmed his show against) and Bush Jr. (The latter of which is much more complicated as they had a relationship that tested Fred’s boundaries.) that I can’t say “I can’t imagine how Fred would react” I know how Fred would react based on his interactions with the lesser evils of Reagan and Bush:

1. Had he not been retired, he would have themed weeks specifically against what Trump was putting in the news cycle. When Trump mocked a disabled reporter he’d have a week on disability and inclusion, when Trump promoted sexual assault, he’d program a week on respect and physical boundaries, when he bad mouthed women he’d have strong women on for a week. Fred would have travelled to do a week on Mexico and he would have moved in an Islamic neighbor.

I know this for a fact because these are the actions he took with Regan both with his “conflict weeks” and his traveling to Russia for remotes during the Cold War.

2. Fred would have attended events Trump invited him to but he would do so on his terms. He would participate in these events as well as long as it was on his terms. Because Fred would rather speak truth into those spaces then avoid them. But Fred would not accuse, he would just bear truth, refuse to be seen as supporting an evil and exit.

This is what he did to respond to the love the Bush family had for him and his work. He even offered prayer at one of their fundraisers: but it was a challenging prayer, one insisting that those in power and privilege use that for the least of these and especially children. After delivering that prayer Fred exited the building and sat outside like a kid after soccer practice waiting for his ride, spurning the thousands of dollars a plate dinner not even gladhanding with the bushes after.

When asked why he said he had reached the limit of what he could do before becoming an accuser. He wanted to challenge but never accuse as accusation was what Fred associated with the devil.

3. Fred would accept invitations to news programs when those programs allowed him to educate parents on countering the negative things coming from the president for their children. He knew those things affected children so he wanted to spread tools on helping them reject war, violence, hatred, oppression and racism.

He did this during any presidents term if it didn’t prevent him from meeting an obligation to children (he once turned down a spot on Nightline to talk about violence and children, one of his main causes, because he had a visit to an elementary school that same morning and knew he wouldn’t be mentally present for it if he was planning for Nightline in the afternoon.)

So we need to be like Fred. Getting in between children and any normalization of Trumps ways or words. Fred would have been diligently working on how to handle Trump in the land of make believe. Just like when King Friday started building nuclear bombs with money he promised to schools. Yeah Fred wasn’t subtle.” - Rev. Kevin Ireland

So much love for the people who share my love for Mr. Rogers, an actual saint among us for as long as we were blessed to have him.

I don’t believe in angels but I do believe in Fred Rogers.

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1 day ago
Such a valuable story of acting on principal
San Rafael, CA
20 days ago
I sure miss Fred Rogers.
20 days ago
22 days ago
"I don’t believe in angels but I do believe in Fred Rogers."
Philadelphia, PA, USA

Doorknob Boy

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40 days ago
Knob head.
Vancouver Island, Canada
40 days ago
looks heavily polished

Gotta Pet Them All. Live Action NEKO ATSUME Film Arrives In 2017.

File this one under The Japanese Really Love Their Cuddly Cat And Dog Movies. And also under They're Making A Movie Out Of What?! Japan's AMG Entertainment has announced that they will release Neko Atsume's Home in theaters in 2017, with Kurakata Masatoshi directing the story of a writer with a bad case of writer's block (Itou Atsushi) finding comfort (and fluffiness) in the growing numbers of cats that come to visit his home as he leaves food and toys for them to play with. The film is an adaptation of ridiculously popular smartphone app Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector which, for the unfamiliar, is basically a spin on a tamagotchi in which you leave different foods and toys in the yard (and living room) of...

[Read the whole post on screenanarchy.com...]

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Phil Kessel’s media tour adventure will brighten up your life (Video)

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Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup champion Phil Kessel* is our sweet hockey prince, but even he would admit that social interaction isn’t exactly his forte.

Which is why this clip from the Penguins, chronicling Kessel’s journey through various social media and arena operations reindeer games, might be our favorite thing of the young season.

It’s your classic “fish out of water” story, if in fact the fish was Flounder from “The Little Mermaid” and he had the wickedest wrister in hockey.

Watch here and enjoy:

A few highlights:

– Phil Kessel’s accidental insulting of the Penguins’ social media team when he’s forced to spin the “Social Media Wheel” and says “this is the worst one, fer sure.”

– Phil breaking the fourth wall to tell us how much the cameraman is “lovin’ this.”

– Phil claiming he’s “a wonderful singer.” In his mind, it’s the most obvious lie ever. But we can’t help but wonder if there are some golden pipes hidden under that timid veneer, like that girl in “Pitch Perfect” who was the low-talker.

– Phil as photo editor, doing something we actually never thought he did based on all available photos of Phil: rejecting some.


– Phil realizing he’s going bald, and proclaiming that he “needs to get that fixed, that’s for sure.” (By the way: “That’s For Sure” joins “Shyeah, right?” and the nervous Phil laugh as essential facets of the Kessel impression.)

– Phil’s constant complaints about being sleepy, before admitting he needs a nap. We’re all Phil Kessel.

Never change, sir.

* Per President Obama

Greg Wyshynski is a writer for Yahoo Sports. Contact him at puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com or find him on Twitter. His book,TAKE YOUR EYE OFF THE PUCK, is available on Amazon and wherever books are sold.


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Celebrate with the Penguins on the ice and with champagne

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Once the handshakes were over and the Cup had been skated, it was time for the Pittsburgh Penguins to celebrate on the ice with family and friends before they got to the booze inside the locker room.

Check out some of the moments captured by reporters on the ice and those watching at home as the Penguins celebrated their win.


• Phil Kessel

• Sidney Crosby

• Kris Letang

• Pascal Dupuis

• Ben Lovejoy

• Matt Cullen

• Carl Hagelin

• Eric Fehr

• Trevor Daley

• Nick Bonino

• Evgeni Malkin




- - - - - - -

Jen Neale is an editor for Puck Daddy on Yahoo Sports. Have a tip? Email her at puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com or follow her on Twitter! Follow @MsJenNeale_PD.

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Anchor Round-Up, 5/7 Edition

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I’m not sure if starting a blog during the offseason was our greatest idea, at least as far as these round-ups go. But I’m sure I can find stuff to talk about, so let’s get to it.

Season’s End Update: Exit day has passed and ice no longer exists at the Bradley Center.

damn it why can’t things with images embed correctly?

Daniel’s got exit interviews with Saros, Pendeza, Payerl, White, Mazanec, Potter, Devane, Elliott, and Murphy over at Admirals Roundtable. (Re: last Wednesday’s elimination game, Saros says the refs are supposed to check the nets! Guess that didn’t happen…)

Looking to the 2016-2017 season, we were told that the new arena wouldn’t have a rink, so the Admirals made plans and are moving across the street to the UWM Panther Arena. Curiously, the Bucks have now announced that the new arena will have an ice rink that meets NHL and NCAA specifications (source). Hmm.

As far as roster updates go, Lazarra, Juvonen, Lyytinen, and Irving have been released from their try-outs. As Admirals Roundtablepoints out, this doesn’t mean they’re done with the team – Irving, Lyytinen, and Juvonen are all Predators draftees and still in the system. We’re especially wondering if Juvonen will be in Milwaukee next year as Saros’ back-up but we’re also trying not to think too hard about that possible change-up yet.

The ‘Sharp Teeth’ Series: On Friday the 29th, the Preds recalled Pontus Åberg and I might have texted Buhdderkupp something that was just yelling “PONTUS!” followed by a string of happy face and heart-eye emojis. You can’t prove it, though.


Åberg at the 4/23 game vs. Grand Rapids

Goalie Marek Mazanec was also recalled by the Preds on the 29th. Both Åberg and Mazanec were healthy scratches – NHL teams typically call up a handful of their AHLers as “Black Aces” during the Stanley Cup playoffs as backup in case of injuries, etc., so being scratched isn’t exactly a surprise.

Former Admirals Mathias Ekholm, Roman Josi, and Colin Wilson contributed assists in the Game 1 loss (5-2, ouch). In the Game 2 loss, Ekholm scored in the third period, assisted by Josi and Wilson, and while Roman picked up a second assist on Johansen’s 4-seconds-remaining goal, it wasn’t enough.

On Tuesday the 3rd, ahead of Game 3, the Preds recalled Fiala, Kamenev, Gaudreau, Elliott, and Potter. They were all healthy scratches, but guess who wasn’t? PONTUS! In his NHL debut, Åberg had two hits in 8:27 of ice time. The Preds won, 4-1, with former Ads Weber (goal), Wilson (goal), Ellis, Ekholm, Fosberg (goal), and Josi contributing.

Åberg also played 4:59 of Game 3, which went to triple overtime; goalies racking up 111 minutes. The Preds tied the series, but just thinking about triple OT makes me want to take a nap.

Game 5 is tonight in Nashville.

Checking on a couple dudes we miss in this week’s What Happened to So-and-So?, former Admirals Rich Clune and Brendan Leipsic‘s Toronto Marlies continue their quest for the Calder. After sweeping the Bridgeport Sound Tigers in the North Division Semifinals, the Marlies have matched up against the Albany Devils for Round 2, which is currently tied 1-1. Leipsic picked up the secondary assist on Hyman’s goal in Game 3.

One of my favorite moments this season was Toronto handing Dicky an A, for the following:

What a turn of phrase.

If you, like me, went to Google and did this –


… here’s the apparent answer: Toronto had an athletic club in the early 1900’s named after the Duke of Marlborhough, and had permission to use the name and family crest. The club eventually became a Junior A team and the spelling was modified to “Marlboros” (because who wants to spell out Marlborhough, that’s in line with how I can never spell McConaughey right on the first try). In 1927, Conn Smythe bought the Marlboros to be the farm team for the Maple Leafs, an arrangement which lasted until 1967, when the Entry Draft became universal.

The teams stayed affiliated under their common ownership until 1988, when team was sold. The Toronto Maple Leafs retained rights to the Marlies’ name, and the OHL team became first the Dukes of Hamilton for two years, but were not financially successful, and moved to Guelph to become the Guelph Storm. (Former Admirals Taylor Beck, Michael Latta, and Josh Shalla are Guelph alumi.)

When the Leafs moved their AHL affiliate to Toronto in 2005 ( and to avoid any issues with having the same name as a brand of cigarettes) the nickname of “Marlies” became the official name.

Today’s nautical joke: Why did the sailboat sink while tied to the dock? Pier pressure!

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